Job Opportunities

  1. One PhD Studentship in Hybrid Modelling and Multi-objective Optimal Design of Advanced Electric Motors (application deadline: 28 October 2018).
  2. One PhD Studentship in Development of Networked Control Technology of Multiple Smart Surveillance Systems for the Internet of Things (application deadline: 26 February 2017).
  3. One PhD Studentship in Improved SOC and SOH Estimation for Long Series String Lithium Cell for High Power Automotive Applications (application deadline: 28 October 2016).
  4. One PhD Studentship in Advanced Battery Modelling & Simulation Package (application deadline: 14 May 2011).
  5. One KTP Associate Position in splicing technology. (application deadline: 7 October 2010).
  6. One PhD Studentship in Multiobjective optimisation and control of power electronics systems for vehicle hybridisation (application deadline: 31 August 2010).
  7. One PhD Studentship in Modelling and Validation of Retrofit HGV Hybrid System (application deadline: 21 December 2009).
  8. One KTP Associate Position in electronic control systems (application deadline: 20 May 2009).
  9. One Research Assistant Position in Drive-by-wire steering systems for niche vehicles (application deadline: 8 May 2009).
  10. One PhD Studentship in Modelling and Control of Wireless Networked Nonlinear Systems (application deadline: 20 December 2008).
  11. One Research Assistant Position in Design and Implementation of Real-time Control Systems (application deadline: 25 January 2008).
  12. One Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Position in Control, Automation and Lighting (application deadline: 14 September 2007).
  13. One KTP Associate Position in traffic and transport modelling (application deadline: 3 September 2007).
  14. One Visitng Research Fellow Position in design and analysis of networked control systems (application deadline: 20 June 2007).
  15. Two Research Fellow Positions in control systems of electrical vehicles (application deadline: 31 January 2007).